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Corrado Tessuti

To fully understand the quality and solidity of the Corrado Tessuti company, we have to go back in time, to where the company has its roots, namely in the year 1884 when the Swiss Schwarzenbach family decided to open a silk factory, which it will soon become the most important in Italy during the twentieth century.

There are documents dating back to 1920 that already show the existence of a shop inside the silk factory, right in via Zeuner in Seveso, even if only in 1964 did the shop receive regular municipal authorization.

Another peculiarity of the plant are its patents which demonstrate how the company has always stood out for technology and innovation, a feature that we try to maintain after many years in sales and customer service.

The commercial activity of fabrics then continued over the years, until in 1989 the company Nako Textil S.r.l. of Mr. Giorgio Nanni, takes over the sale of retail fabrics.

The company of Mr. Nanni soon brought the shop to an extension of up to 100 square meters and to an increase in the number of items available. In addition, the company continues to serve its numerous customers and is committed to the creation of a line of clothing fabrics with the participation of silk weavers from Como.

Corrado Tessuti deals with the sale and the ceremonial fabric of the fabric for the realization of the wedding dress of the fabrics for the realization of curtains and custom interior curtains.

It is possible to make an appointment at our store in order to be able to offer, thanks to the collaboration of external tailors, the tailor-made service for the creation of formal dresses or for the creation of suits
wedding dress tailored.

In addition, Corrado Tessuti offers the service of making tailor-made patterns, of ceremonial and bridal dresses by setting an appointment.

This service is aimed at those who, due to being able to sew, have problems in cutting fine fabrics for brides and ceremonies.

We also offer a tailor-made curtain set-up service thanks to the collaboration with upholsterers in our area.

We make free estimates for the production of sofa covers, re-modeling of sofas, creation of pillow covers and made-to-measure tablecloths.

For information and appointments call 3887839110 or send an email to