You are planning to give a gift but you don’t know what kind of fabric would be suitable for the person. No problem
Corrado Tessuti offers its customers the opportunity to purchase a voucher for a fabric or service through a gift card or Gift Card which can be a virtual card sent by e-mail, or a Gift Card, a physical card sent by courier. Both can be used and spent in the Corrado fabrics shop.
It is valid only in the fabric shop indicated on the card and has a 12-month expiry date. It is made up of four denominations € 100.00 € 75.00 € 50.00 € 30.00
You can receive the gift card by contacting us at the telephone number 0362551740 or by sending a message via email and you can communicate the data of the recipient of the gift indicating the delivery address.
Later we will provide you with the bank details on which to make a bank transfer or Postepay top-up.

Gift Cards are intended exclusively for purchases at the Corrado Tessuti shop
and is nominative and only the holder will be able to purchase goods or services at the Corrado fabrics shop
The Gift Card is a prepaid card that the Holder can purchase and assign to another person, hereinafter the “Holder”, so that he can take advantage of a prepaid credit to be used exclusively for the purchase of products or services from Corrado Tessuti, until exhaustion of the credited amount. The Gift Card is nominative and is intended for private and non-commercial use only.

The Gift Card is issued to the Holder upon indication of the Holder (name / surname) of the gift and upon payment – according to the payment methods accepted by Corrado Tessuti, of an amount ranging from 100 euros to 30 euros which will be credited to the Card itself. The Gift Card may be used by the Holder, upon presentation of an identification document at the time of payment, to purchase, even on several occasions, products or services from Corrado fabrics, until the balance available on it is exhausted. The Gift Card can also be used for partial payment of a purchase: if the balance available on it is not sufficient to cover the amount requested for the products and / or services purchased, the residual amount can be paid according to the methods of payment accepted by Corrado fabrics. Failure to present the Gift Card at the time of payment for the purchased products and services will not allow the use of the prepaid credit contained therein. The Gift Card does not entitle you to cash refunds, it cannot be reloaded and the amount loaded on it does not accrue interest.


Gift Cards are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. After the expiration date, it can no longer be used and will not give the right to any refund of the residual credit. The residual amount can be transferred free of charge to a new Gift Card if requested before the expiry date.

In case of loss, damage or theft of the Gift Card, the Holder is required to promptly notify Corrado Tessuti who, after checking the identification data of the Holder himself, undertakes to cancel and replace the old Card with a new one and to credit on the latter, within the necessary technical times, any residual credit accumulated and not used. Corrado Tessuti reserves the right to verify the validity of the Gift Cards presented and to refuse those that are counterfeit or otherwise manipulated. In cases of counterfeiting or manipulation, the Gift Card will not give the right to recognition or reimbursement of any accumulated and unused credit. Corrado Tessuti is not responsible for any fraudulent, improper or abusive use of Gift Cards. CORRADO TESSUTI is not responsible for any consequences, direct or indirect, related to malfunctions of the Gift Cards and of the systems for their management that are not dependent on one’s will. In any case, Corrado Tessuti undertakes to do everything possible to guarantee the recovery of any residual credit accumulated and not used.
The purchase and use of the Gift Card imply acceptance of the conditions set out in these Regulations.